Previous Team Members

Former Full Time Employees

Name Lab Position Current Position Current Employer
Irfan Beg Mechanical Engineer    
Travis Prochaska Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineer Denver
Walter “Dee” Grant Research Assistant    
Zach Allen Public Relations    
Amanda Collins Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineer Cameron
John Januskey Machinist    
Katie Prochaska Industrial Engineer    
Jean-Philipe Rheault Optical Engineer    
Steven Boada Graduate Student
Kyle Cook Graduate Student
Ting Li      

Former Graduates and Undergraduates

Name Current Position Current Employer Graduated Major
Peter Ferguson Research Associate University of Wisconsin 2021 PhD Astrophysics
Cole Mason Graduate Student New Mexico Tech 2021 Physics
Leonardo Barba Graduate Student San Diego State University 2021 Physics
Leonardo Bush     2021 Physics
Evan Kelly       Aerospace Engineering
Marcus Sauseda Aerospace Engineer Boeing   Aerospace Engineering
Hugh Sharp       Physics
Zain Abbas       Electrical Engineer
Chris Akers Graduate Student Berkeley Spring 2014 Physics
Chris Alexander       Industrial Engineering
Michael Allen     Spring 2014 Mechanical Engineer
David Baker Mechanical Engineer Exxon Spring 2014 Mechanical Engineering
Tyler Behm Graduate Student CU Boulder Fall 2012 Physics
Emily Boster Aerospace Engineer Lockheed Martin Winter 2013 Aerospace Engineering
Kris Cabral Mechanical Engineer Cameron Spring 2010 Mechanical Engineering
Maura Cadigan Undergraduate     Aerospace Engineering
Caitlin Campbell       Physics
Alexx Cisotto       Aerospace Engineering
Jeff Cosby Graduate Student UT - Arlington Spring 2011 Computer Science
Briant Dunnican        
Cullen Eckert Undergraduate Texas A&M University   Aerospace Engineering
Alison Elder   Peace Corps Winter 2013 Graduate - International Relations
Ashen Fernando       Aerospace Engineering
Alex Gary     Spring 2013 Physics
Joseph Glover     Spring 2013 Physics
Samuel Gonzalez Implementation Consultant Predictive Equipment Health Monitoring Fall 2011 Aerospace Engineering
Jeff Ham       Aerospace Engineering
Mark Hardiman       Electrical Engineering
Ben Herbig Business Development Manager The Center for Innovation
Dallas / Ft. Worth area
Summer 2012 Physics
Kyle Huggins Graduate Student University of Arizona Spring 2010 Physics
Michael James Undergraduate Texas A&M University   Aerospace Engineering
Eric Kyleberg       Physics
Matthew Lee Undergraduate Texas A&M University    
Jon Li Software Engineer PowerDB Inc. Spring 2012 Electrical Engineering
Justin Ligget     Spring 2015 Aerospace Engineering
Mary Kate Lowe     Spring 2013 Biomedical Engineering
Emily Martin Graduate Student UCLA Spring 2012 Physics
Will Meador Mechanical Engineer L-3 Communications   Physics / Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Mondrick Graduate Student Harvard University Spring 2015 Physics
Mathew Oehler       Physics
Sebastian Olivera       Mechanical Engineering
Marisela Rodriguez     Summer 2014 Physics
Gabino Torres       Aerospace Engineering
Brannon Veal Hardware Engineer Honeywell Process Solutions Summer 2011 Electrical Engineering
Rahul Venkatraman       Aerospace Engineering
Steen Villanueva Graduate Student The Ohio State University Spring 2012 Physics
Patrick Williams Electronic Warfare Engineer SRC Spring 2012 Physics
Jason Wise Software Engineer L-3 Technology Spring 2012 Physics
Alex Arredondo       Physics
Stan Beck       Aerospace Engineering
Joanna Schiefelbein       Aerospace Engineering

Note: Information may not be up-to-date.