Research Experience for Undergraduates

The Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy at Texas A&M University is pleased to host an REU Site in astronomical research and instrumentation in Summer 2020. During the 10-week summer period, students will conduct astronomical research or complete an instrumentation project with Texas A&M faculty and research staff, participate in weekly seminars and group discussions, and attend an observing trip to McDonald Observatory. Possible fields of study in astronomical research include black holes, supernovae, cosmology, the high-redshift Universe, Dark Energy, the cosmic distance scale, the Milky Way galaxy, and extrasolar planets. Students may also work in the Munnerlyn astronomical Instrumentation lab and participate in designing and building astronomical instrumentation to support these fields of research for projects in which Texas A&M University is an institutional member: Giant Magellan Telescope, Hobby Eberly Telescope, Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, and Dark Energy Survey.
REU students will be offered a stipend of $5000 in addition to lodging. At least two years of undergraduate coursework in Physics, Astronomy, or Engineering is required. Texas A&M University is an equal opportunity employer; under-represented minorities and women are especially encouraged to apply.
Applications must be received by February 15, 2018. Questions about the program may be addressed to Dr. Jennifer Marshall, REU program director (

Program Application

For more information and to apply, visit

REU 2018

  • Texas A&M students Liam Plybon & John Maner with their poster

  • Satya Butler with his poster

  • Nikko Cleri with his poster

  • Silvana Delgado Andrade with her poster

  • Kelsey Glazer with her poster

  • Sebastian Gonzalez with his poster

  • Sarah Hughes with her poster

  • Katya Leidig with her poster

  • Jessica Myron with her poster

  • Taylor Plattner with her poster

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Research Posters

Stellar Kinematics of the Galaxy NGC 1270

Satya P. Butler, Jonelle L. Walsh

Modeling 8B Solar Neutrino Detection with CEvNS

Nikko Cleri, Louis E. Strigari

Selection of Milky Way Analogs Using the Dark Energy Survey

Silvana C. Delgado Andrade, Louis E. Strigari, Jennifer L. Marshall, Andrew B. Pace, Katelyn M. Stringer

Measuring Proper Motions of Fornax and its 5 Globular Clusters Using Gaia Data Release 2

Kelsey S. Glazer, Andrew B. Pace, Jennifer L. Marshall, Louis E. Strigari

Photometric Analysis of SN 2018bgz

Sebastian E. Gonzalez, Kevin Krisciunas

Software development of TCal: A mobile spectrophotometric calibration system

Sarah L. Hughes, Peter Ferguson, Jennifer Marshall, Darren DePoy, Luke Schmidt, Travis Prochaska, Erika Cook, Taylor Plattner

IIb or Not IIb: The Photometry of Type IIb Supernovae

Katya A. Leidig, Peter J. Brown

Analysis of RR Lyrae Stars in Milky Way Stellar Streams

Jessica L. Myron, Katelyn M. Stringer, Andrew B. Pace, Jennifer L. Marshall, Louis E. Strigari

Development of pETSI: Prototype Exoplanet Transmission Spectroscopy Imager

Taylor Plattner, Darren DePoy, Luke Schmidt, Mary Anne Limbach, Travis Prochaska, Jennifer L. Marshall, Leo Barba, Sarah Hughes

The Local Volume Database

Liam L. Plybon, John F. Maner, Andrew B. Pace

REU 2017

Darius Williams, Larry Gardner, Craig Pellegrino, Niyousha Davachi, Christina Lindberg, Sarah Parker, Mikayla Cleaver, and Daniel Freeman at the McDonald Observatory
  • Texas A&M student Doyeon Kim with her poster

  • Mikayla Cleaver with her poster

  • Niyousha Davachi with his poster

  • Daniel Freeman with his poster

  • Larry Gardner with his poster

  • Christina Lindberg with her poster

  • Sarah Parker with her poster

  • Craig Pellegrino with his poster

  • Darius Williams with his poster

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Research Posters

The Stellar Kinematics of the Galaxy NGC 4203

Mikayla Cleaver, Jonelle Walsh

Photometry of Satellite Galaxies of Milky Way

Niyousha Davachi, Jennifer L. Marshall, Andrew Pace, Katelyn Stringer, Sarah Cantu, Daniel Q. Nagasawa, Louis E. Strigari

Astrocal: a mobile spectrophotometric calibration system

Daniel Freeman, Jennifer L. Marshall, Luke Schmidt, Travis Prochaska, Erika Cook, D. L. DePoy

The MADLaSR: Multi-Angle Detection of Lambertian and Specular Reflectivity

Lawrence E. Gardner, T. Prochaska, L. Schmidt, J. L. Marshall, M. Sauseda

Total Reflectance of Black and White Materials

Doyeon Kim, Luke Schmidt, Jennifer L. Marshall, Travis Prochaska, Marcus Sauseda, D. L. DePoy

Classifying Variable Sources in SDSS Stripe 82

Christina W. Lindberg, James Long, Katelyn Stringer

Comparison of Light Curves for Type Ia Supernovae in the Optical and Ultraviolet

Sarah Parker, Peter Brown

Measuring Radial Velocities of Two Stars in Horologium I

Craig M. Pellegrino, Jennifer L. Marshall, Daniel Q. Nagasawa, Andrew B. Pace, Louis E. Strigari

Slit Mask Design for the Giant Magellan Telescope Multi-object Astronomical and Cosmological Spectrograph

Darius S. Williams, Jennifer L. Marshall, Luke M. Schmidt, Travis Prochaska, Darren L. DePoy

REU 2016

Chandler Nieslen, Madeline Horn, Madison Smith, Crystal-Lynn Bartier, Emily Witt, Erin Maier, Alexander Riley, and Zuzana Calbo at the McDonald Observatory
Zuzana Calbo, Chandler Nieslen, Emily Witt, Erin Maier, Madison Smith, Madeline Horn, Crystal-Lynn Bartier, and Alexander Riley at the Texas A&M Summer 2016 Undergraduate Research Poster Session
Research Posters

Identifying Galaxy Mergers in the Distant Universe Using the Hubble Space Telescope

Crystal-Lynn Bartier, Courtney Watson, Kim-Vy Tran, Jonathon Monroe

Measuring Stellar Kinematics in the S0 Galaxy NGC 4203

Zuzana Calbo, Jonelle Walsh

Eat Your Veggies: Green Pea Galaxy Abundance at Redshifts of 1.0 - 2.3

Madeline Horn, Casey Papovich

Searching for RR Lyrae Variables in the Dark Energy Survey

Chandler Nielsen, Jennifer L. Marshall, James Long, Katelyn Stringer

Probing the Debris Disks of Nearby Stars with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Alexander H. Riley, Louis E. Strigari

Supernova Classification Using Swift UVOT Photometry

Madison Smith, Peter J. Brown

DuOCam: A Two-Channel Camera for Simultaneous Photometric Observations of Stellar Clusters

Emily M. Witt, Erin R. Maier, Darren L. DePoy, Luke M. Schmidt

REU 2015

From Left: Darren Woodson, Timothy Costa, Shaquann Seadrow, Irene Salazar, Tarini Konchady, Shae Hart, Raina Musso, Dr. Jennifer Marshall, Dr. Darren DePoy
Back row (from left): Gaberiel Fuentes, Darren Woodson, Timothy Costa, Shae Hart
Front Row (from left): Tarini Konchady, Irene Salazar, Raina Musso, Shaquann Seadrow
Research Posters

Measuring the Stellar Kinematics of the Compact Galaxy NGC 1270

Raina T. Musso, Jonelle L. Walsh

A New Method to Select Lyman Alpha Emitters at Redshift ~ 7

Shaquann S. Seadrow, Brett Salmon, Casey Papovich, James Long

pAggieSpec: A Low-Resolution, Commercial Lens, Optical Spectrograph

James Beck, Gabriel Fuentes, Shae Hart, Timothy Costa, D.L. DePoy

Processing Images from the Hubble Space Telescope and McDonald Observatory

Irene V. Salazar, Kim-Vy Tran

A Search for Astrophysical Transients with a Small-Aperture Telescope

Tarini Konchady, Ryan J. Oelkers, Lucas M. Macri, Colin Wisdom

Searching for Gamma-Ray Emission from Rocky Bodies around Nearby Stars

Darren L. Woodson II, Louis Strigari

REU 2014

Back row (from left): Dr. Jennifer Marshall, Marisa Sotolongo, Alejandro Lorenzo, Luca Beale
Front Row (from left): Jessica Sutter, Austin Baldwin,Katelyn Stringer, Nicholas Mondrick
Research Posters

Contamination Rate of Red Giant Stars From 2MASS Photometric Error

Marisa Sotolongo,Ting Li, J.L. Marshall

The Evolution of Luminous Red Galaxies

Luca Beale, Nicholas Mondrick, Casey Papovich, Ryan Quadri

A Multi-band Extension of the Analysis of Variance Period Finding Algorithm

Nicholas Mondrick, J.L. Marshall, James P. Long

A New Instrument to Measure Nighttime Sky Brightness

Austin Baldwin, D.L. DePoy, Travis Prochaska, D.Q. Nagasawa

A Proper Motion Study of Globular Cluster M71 Using the PPMXL

Alejandro Lorenzo, Kevin Krisciuna

Using the Hubble Space Telescope to Search for Groups of Galaxies in the Distant Universe

Jessica Sutter, Jonathan Monroe, Kim-Vy Tran