Aggie Scholarships for Technology Advancements in Astronomical Research (AggieSTAAR)

The Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy at Texas A&M University is pleased to host the Aggie Scholarships for Technology Advancements in Astronomical Research (AggieSTAAR) program in Summer 2022. During the 10-week summer period, students will conduct astronomical research or complete an instrumentation project with Texas A&M faculty and research staff, participate in weekly seminars and group discussions, and attend an observing trip to McDonald Observatory. Possible fields of study in astronomical research include black holes, supernovae, cosmology, the high-redshift Universe, Dark Energy, the cosmic distance scale, the Milky Way galaxy, and extrasolar planets. Students may also work in the Munnerlyn astronomical Instrumentation lab and participate in designing and building astronomical instrumentation to support these fields of research for projects in which Texas A&M University is an institutional member: Giant Magellan Telescope, Hobby Eberly Telescope, Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, and Dark Energy Survey.
Questions about the program may be addressed to Dr. Jennifer Marshall, AggieSTAAR program director (

AggieSTAAR 2022

  • Zachary Read and Brant Conway with their poster.

  • Nhu Ngoc Ton with her poster.

  • Enrique Gozalez Vega and Shravan Menon with their poster.

Research Posters

3D Printed Diffraction Gratings

Brant Conway, Zachary Read

Simultaneous Multi-Color Observations of an Unknown Variable Star

Nhu Ngoc Ton, Ryan J. Oelkers

Fiber Optic Characterization for Unprecedented Sky Subtraction (FOCUSS)

Enrique Gonzalez Vega, Shravan Menon, Silvana Delgado Andrade