Image Overlays and Sliders


An image overlay is when a image file is expanded for larger viewing, occupying most of the viewport and dimming the background.
For examples, see the reflectance samples page.

Overlays by URL

Any HTML <a> block with a _blank target will overlay the image on click if it is in .jpg format. For example:

<a href="/instruments/assets/BC_telescope_ad.jpg" target="_blank">
Click me

Click me

If you have multiple such references in one page, the overlay will automatically assume left and right buttons, and allow browsing the images without closing the overlay.

Overlays by image

If you wish to allow a user to view a larger version of an image by clicking on it, simply wrap your <img> block with a _blank target <a> block, like so:

<a href="/instruments/assets/BC_mounted_2017-01-24.jpg" target="_blank">
<img src="/instruments/assets/BC_mounted_2017-01-24.jpg"/>



FlexSlider2 provides image gallery slider action, as on the REU page. To add one to any page, simply add and customize the following code:

<div class="flexslider">
  <ul class="slides">
      <img src="/pages/assets/reu/2017/REU2017_Doyeon.jpg" />
      <p class="flex-caption">Texas A&M student Doyeon Kim with her poster</p>
      <img src="/pages/assets/reu/2017/REU2017_Mikayla.jpg" />
      <p class="flex-caption">Mikayla Cleaver with her poster</p>
      <a href="/pages/assets/reu/2017/REU2017_Ni.jpg" target="_blank">
      <img src="/pages/assets/reu/2017/REU2017_Ni.jpg" /></a>
      <p class="flex-caption">Niyousha Davachi with his poster</p>
  • Texas A&M student Doyeon Kim with her poster

  • Mikayla Cleaver with her poster

  • Niyousha Davachi with his poster

Notice that the third slide has a _blank target <a> block surrounding the <img> block, thus it has both slider and overlay effects.