Luke M. Schmidt

Department of Physics & Astronomy
Texas A&M University
4242 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-4242

Professional Preparation:

Bethel College North Newton, KS - Physics, Chemistry B.S. - 2003
New Mexico Tech Socorro, NM - Physics M.S. - 2009
New Mexico Tech Socorro, NM - Astrophysics Ph.D. - 2012


2015-Present Assistant Research Scientist, Texas A&M University
2013-2015 Instrumentation Scientist, Magdalena Ridge Observatory
2012-2013 Postdoctoral Researcher, NESSI spectrograph, New Mexico Tech
2010-2012 NESSI spectrograph project Research Assistant, New Mexico Tech
2006-2010 Physics Lab Teaching Assistant

Selected Publications:

  1. Optical design concept for the Giant Magellan Telescope Multi-object Astronomical and Cosmological Spectrograph (GMACS), L. Schmidt, and 12 colleagues, Proc. SPIE 9908, (2016).
  2. The MROI fringe tracker: laboratory tracking with ICONN, T. M. McCracken, and 10 colleagues including L. Schmidt, Proc. SPIE 9146, (2014).
  3. A new path to first light for the Magdalena Ridge Observatory interferometer, M. J. Creech-Eakman and 27 colleagues including L. Schmidt, Proc. SPIE 9907 (2016).
  4. NESSI: an optimized Near-Infrared (NIR) Multi-Object Spectrograph (MOS) for exoplanet studies, M. J. Creech-Eakman and 14 colleagues including L. Schmidt, Proc. SPIE, Volume 8446, (2012).
  5. Mechanical Design of NESSI: New Mexico Tech Extrasolar Spectroscopic Survey Instrument, F.G. Santoro and 14 colleagues including L. Schmidt, Proc. ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress, IMECE2011-63928 (2011).

Current Support:

NSF: “Calibrating Astronomical Instruments to Improve the Science Gained from the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope” - CoPI

Synergistic Activities

  1. Instrument Scientist for the Giant Magellan Telescope Multi-Object Astronomical and Cosmological Spectrograph (GMACS).
  2. Mentor for undergraduate research project to characterize the reflectivity of black and white materials. Materials can be used for instrument stray light control and calibration screens respectively.
  3. Co-organizer of yearly Astro-Symposium at Texas A&M University
  4. Marvin Wilkening Award for excellence in experimental physics, 2012.