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REU 2018

Satya Butler Poster
          Satya Butler with his poster

Nikko Cleri Poster
          Nikko Cleri with his poster

Silvana Delgado Andrade Poster
          Silvana Delgado Andrade with her poster

Kelsey Glazer Poster
          Kelsey Glazer with her poster

Sebastian Gonzalez Poster
          Sebastian Gonzalez with his poster

Sarah Hughes Poster
          Sarah Hughes with her poster

Katya Leidig Poster
          Katya Leidig with her poster

Jessica Myron Poster
          Jessica Myron with her poster

Taylor Plattner Poster
          Taylor Plattner with her poster

Texas A&M student participants in the REU program

Liam Plybon & John Maner Poster
          Liam Plybon and John Maner with their poster

Research Posters

"Stellar Kinematics of the Galaxy NGC 1270"
Satya P. Butler, Jonelle L. Walsh

"Modeling 8B Solar Neutrino Detection with CEvNS"
Nikko Cleri, Louis E. Strigari

"Selection of Milky Way Analogs Using the Dark Energy Survey"
Silvana C. Delgado Andrade, Louis E. Strigari, Jennifer L. Marshall, Andrew B. Pace, Katelyn M. Stringer

"Measuring Proper Motions of Fornax and its 5 Globular Clusters Using Gaia Data Release 2"
Kelsey S. Glazer, Andrew B. Pace, Jennifer L. Marshall , Louis E. Strigari

"Photometric Analysis of SN 2018bgz"
Sebastian E. Gonzalez, Kevin Krisciunas

"Software development of TCal: A mobile spectrophotometric calibration system"
Sarah L. Hughes, Peter Ferguson, Jennifer Marshall, Darren DePoy, Luke Schmidt, Travis Prochaska, Erika Cook, Taylor Plattner

"IIb or Not IIb: The Photometry of Type IIb Supernovae"
Katya A. Leidig, Peter J. Brown

"Analysis of RR Lyrae Stars in Milky Way Stellar Streams"
Jessica L. Myron, Katelyn M. Stringer, Andrew B. Pace, Jennifer L. Marshall, Louis E. Strigari

"Development of pETSI: Prototype Exoplanet Transmission Spectroscopy Imager"
Taylor Plattner, Darren DePoy, Luke Schmidt, Mary Anne Limbach, Travis Prochaska, Jennifer L. Marshall, Leo Barba, Sarah Hughes

"The Local Volume Database"
Liam L. Plybon, John F. Maner, Andrew B. Pace

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