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REU 2017

          Darius Williams, Larry Gardner, Craig Pellegrino, Niyousha Davachi,
          Christina Lindberg, Sarah Parker, Mikayla Cleaver, and Daniel Freeman
          at the McDonald Observatory

Mikayla Cleaver Poster
          Mikayla Cleaver with her poster

Niyousha Davachi Poster
          Niyousha Davachi with his poster

Daniel Freeman Poster
          Daniel Freeman with his poster

Larry Gardner Poster
          Larry Gardner with his poster

Christina Lindberg Poster
          Christina Lindberg with her poster

Sarah Parker Poster
          Sarah Parker with her poster

Craig Pellegrino Poster
          Craig Pellegrino with his poster

 Darius Williams Poster
          Darius Williams with his poster

Texas A&M student participants in the REU program

 Doyeon Kim Poster
          Doyeon Kim with her poster

Research Posters

"The Stellar Kinematics of the Galaxy NGC 4203"
Mikayla Cleaver, Jonelle Walsh

"Photometry of Satellite Galaxies of Milky Way"
Niyousha Davachi, Jennifer L. Marshall, Andrew Pace, Katelyn Stringer, Sarah Cantu, Daniel Q. Nagasawa, Louis E. Strigari

"Astrocal: a mobile spectrophotometric calibration system"
Daniel Freeman, Jennifer L. Marshall, Luke Schmidt, Travis Prochaska, Erika Cook, D. L. DePoy

"The MADLaSR: Multi-Angle Detection of Lambertian and Specular Reflectivity"
Lawrence E. Gardner, T. Prochaska, L. Schmidt, J. L. Marshall, M. Sauseda

"Total Reflectance of Black and White Materials"
Doyeon Kim, Luke Schmidt, Jennifer L. Marshall, Travis Prochaska, Marcus Sauseda, D. L. DePoy

"Classifying Variable Sources in SDSS Stripe 82"
Christina W. Lindberg, James Long, Katelyn Stringer

"Comparison of Light Curves for Type Ia Supernovae in the Optical and Ultraviolet"
Sarah Parker, Peter Brown

"Measuring Radial Velocities of Two Stars in Horologium I"
Craig M. Pellegrino, Jennifer L. Marshall, Daniel Q. Nagasawa, Andrew B. Pace, Louis E. Strigari

"Slit Mask Design for the Giant Magellan Telescope Multi-object Astronomical and Cosmological Spectrograph"
Darius S. Williams, Jennifer L. Marshall, Luke M. Schmidt, Travis Prochaska, Darren L. DePoy

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