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REU 2016

          Chandler Nieslen, Madeline Horn, Madison Smith, Crystal-Lynn Bartier,
          Emily Witt, Erin Maier, Alexander Riley, and Zuzana Calbo
          at the McDonald Observatory

          Zuzana Calbo, Chandler Nieslen, Emily Witt, Erin Maier,
        Madison Smith, Madeline Horn, Crystal-Lynn Bartier, and Alexander Riley         at the Texas A&M Summer 2016 Undergraduate Research Poster Session

Research Posters

"Identifying Galaxy Mergers in the Distant Universe Using the Hubble Space Telescope"
Crystal-Lynn Bartier, Courtney Watson, Kim-Vy Tran, Jonathon Monroe

"Measuring Stellar Kinematics in the S0 Galaxy NGC 4203"
Zuzana Calbo, Jonelle Walsh

"Eat Your Veggies: Green Pea Galaxy Abundance at Redshifts of 1.0 - 2.3"
Madeline Horn, Casey Papovich

"Searching for RR Lyrae Variables in the Dark Energy Survey"
Chandler Nielsen, Jennifer L. Marshall, James Long, Katelyn Stringer

"Probing the Debris Disks of Nearby Stars with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope"
Alexander H. Riley, Louis E. Strigari

"Supernova Classification Using Swift UVOT Photometry"
Madison Smith, Peter J. Brown

"DuOCam: A Two-Channel Camera for Simultaneous Photometric Observations of Stellar Clusters"
Emily M. Witt, Erin R. Maier, Darren L. DePoy, Luke M. Schmidt

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