Texas A&M Astronomical Instrumentation


REU 2015

From Left: Darren Woodson, Timothy Costa, Shaquann Seadrow, Irene Salazar, Tarini Konchady, Shae Hart, Raina Musso, Dr. Jennifer Marshall, Dr. Darren DePoy

Back row (from left): Gaberiel Fuentes, Darren Woodson, Timothy Costa, Shae Hart
Front Row (from left): Tarini Konchady, Irene Salazar, Raina Musso, Shaquann Seadrow

Research Posters

"Measuring the Stellar Kinematics of the Compact Galaxy NGC 1270"
Raina T. Musso, Jonelle L. Walsh

"A New Method to Select Lyman Alpha Emitters at Redshift ~ 7"
Shaquann S. Seadrow, Brett Salmon, Casey Papovich, James Long

"pAggieSpec: A Low-Resolution, Commercial Lens, Optical Spectrograph"
James Beck, Gabriel Fuentes, Shae Hart, Timothy Costa, D.L. DePoy

"Processing Images from the Hubble Space Telescope and McDonald Observatory"
Irene V. Salazar, Kim-Vy Tran

"A Search for Astrophysical Transients with a Small-Aperture Telescope"
Tarini Konchady, Ryan J. Oelkers, Lucas M. Macri, Colin Wisdom

"Searching for Gamma-Ray Emission from Rocky Bodies around Nearby Stars"
Darren L. Woodson II, Louis Strigari

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