Texas A&M Astronomical Instrumentation


REU 2014

Back row (from left): Dr. Jennifer Marshall, Marisa Sotolongo, Alejandro Lorenzo, Luca Beale
Front Row (from left): Jessica Sutter, Austin Baldwin,Katelyn Stringer, Nicholas Mondrick

Research Posters

"Contamination Rate of Red Giant Stars From 2MASS Photometric Error"
Marisa Sotolongo,Ting Li, J.L. Marshall

"The Evolution of Luminous Red Galaxies"
Luca Beale, Nicholas Mondrick, Casey Papovich, Ryan Quadri

"A Multi-band Extension of the Analysis of Variance Period Finding Algorithm" Nicholas Mondrick, J.L. Marshall, James P. Long

"A New Instrument to Measure Nighttime Sky Brightness"
Austin Baldwin, D.L. DePoy, Travis Prochaska, D.Q. Nagasawa

"A Proper Motion Study of Globular Cluster M71 Using the PPMXL"
Alejandro Lorenzo, Kevin Krisciunas

"Using the Hubble Space Telescope to Search for Groups of Galaxies in the Distant Universe"
Jessica Sutter, Jonathan Monroe, Kim-Vy Tran

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